basketball pros know how to jump high

How Do Pros Know How To Jump Higher?

Number 4 in a Series

Have you checked out the free Instant Vertical Increase Manual? If not, check it out. If so, I hope you are still working on the things you learned. The tips found in there are a great start to jumping higher than anyone else in the gym. One of the things you’ll learn is how do pros know how to jump higher than anyone else?

Regardless, with this program, people have used those tips to jump up to 40 inches!

So far in our Vertical Jump Series, we have gone through 3 strategies to increasing your vertical jump.

Strategy #4 is going to explain a neglected portion of your vertical workouts that will immediately add inches to your vert when you’ve figured out.

magic genie from aladdin movie robin williams

Is a Magic Genie the Secret to Jumping Higher?

That would be awesome, huh? Unfortunately, Robin Williams or Will Smith aren’t walking through your front door.

However, jumping higher is still possible. You just have to know the correct scientific principles to increasing your vertical.

And one of the most important principles is something that almost no one else discusses.

And that principle is your form. Getting your body in the perfect position to jump as high as possible and dunk the basketball is a major key. 

Watching an NBA player slam a ball down with authority looks like an impressive athletic feat, and it is, but what you probably don’t notice is that he has great form when he leaves the ground.

When you have perfect jumping form, then you have the same power to dunk.

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OK, So How Do I Get Perfect Jumping Form?

Improving your jumping form will automatically give you a couple inches to your vert. Almost overnight. Definitely within a week.

So how do pros know how to jump higher than everyone else? The pros and top college players know how to look good on the court, but they know that great form brings great results. Which brings me to Strategy #4….

Strategy #4: Study The Guys That Jump For A Living 

I like to play the guitar. I’m not great at it, but I’m always trying to get better. When I watch a band play live, I’m not always watching the lead singer. I’m watching the guitar players to see how they do what they do.

Watching the best shows me how I need to do things.

It’s the same way with a vertical jump. You must study the way the top guys do it.

Top personal trainer Jacob Hiller gives the following advice about improving your form:

Exaggerate your last step, which will actually lower your body before taking your leap, and it will seem like you’re flying through the air. Seems weird to lower your body, but it works. Just watch the way the NBA players jump.

Jacob Hiller – The Jump Manual

Learning good form is a big part of The Jump Manual. Here’s how good jumping form helped someone in real life:

Dear Jacob,

I am just starting The Jump Manual. After reviewing the section on improved jumping form I went outside and did something I have never done before. I jumped up and grabbed onto a 10 ft rim with two hands off two feet. This is a huge accomplishment for me and I am so excited to get started on the program. I am telling my friends all about the program. Just wanted to say thanks for the program and for always responding quickly to all me questions.


Demetrius C.

silhouette of a basketball player jumping high to junk a basketball

Stop putting it off. What are you waiting for? How do pros know how to jump higher?

You want to jump higher so you can get more playing time, play better when you’re out there, and make the coaches and opponents know you’re the man.

In athletics, you have to decide to be more than average. No one else can do it for you. Decide today to be the best athlete you can be.

Do you want to creep along, or do you want to soar?

The Jump Manual will show you what the elite players in the world already know.

You’ll get top secrets of how to increase your vertical in a short amount of time.

Here’s another real life example:

Thank you for the work YOU have done in researching and preparing The Jump Manual. I used the workout for 3 weeks, sticking to the schedule as best as I could. I am 6 feet tall, and from just three weeks of your workout, I was able to dunk two handed. I now know your program works and I can’t wait to continue with the Jump Manual.

Levi R.

You can be like Levi and be the best the athlete you know you can be by checking out The Jump Manual.

Next time we’ll talk about how flexibility impacts your jumping ability. 

These results are not abnormal. They will work for your. Thanks for tuning in!

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