stretching is a vital piece of increasing your vertical jump

How Flexibility Can Increase Your Vertical Jump By 10 Inches

Number 5 in a Series

People are skeptical when it comes to promising results. Everyone is different, so how can you know that an increase in my vertical jump of 10 inches is possible in just 3 months? That’s a lot! The key is learning how flexibility can increase your vertical jump.

Of course everyone is different, but unless you are already jumping like an Olympian, science shows that you have a lot of room to grow in your jumping potential.

With the average vertical being 16-20 inches for a male and 12-16 for a female, there is a ton of potential to dominate your opponents in games and tryouts. What if you could get your vertical in the 30-50 inch range? Gets you pumped, right?

girl jumping on a bridge is excited about something

Instead of being skeptical, ask why other programs can’t and won’t promise at least 10 inches. Do those other programs come with a money-back guarantee?

The reason The Jump Manual works is that it is developed with science, not hype and guesswork. Other programs simply can’t produce a jumping explosion.

One of the secrets that produces that explosion is found in Strategy #5.

Strategy #5: Grow and Maintain Your Flexibility

Flexibility Can Increase Your Vertical Jump By 10 Inches Or More

Remember back to Strategy #4? Form. Having good form gives you greater ability to jump and dunk a basketball. In addition to that, you must be flexible. Flexibility will help your form.

In addition, your strength and quickness will be helped by being more flexible.

One of the biggest ways to stay away from injury is to increase your flexibility.

However, the biggest tip when it comes to increasing your flexibility:

Always, always, always, stretch in both pre-workout and post-workout. Don’t forget about it or think you don’t need it, no matter how old you are.

flexibility for jumping ability is not just for old guys
Stretching is not just for old guys.

Stretching has to become routine. The routine helps you reach your max during your workout and games.

What Stretching Exercises Will Help Your Gain The Most Flexibility?

The Jump Manual is full of ideas and videos that speak to how to increase your flexibility. And they are ALL included in the program.

I have to say though. While they are available now, I don’t know how long that will be the case. Check it out soon so you don’t miss out the July 2020 deadline.

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Why Can’t This Be You? 

Consider this message from one of our clients:

Hey, I finally dunked on my basketball hoop the other day for the first time in my life. It’s so cool and one of the greatest feelings and I’m glad to have all of the hard work pay off so quickly.
Anyways, I’m going to keep on working at it so I can throw down some harder dunks.
Thanks a lot!

Brandon J.

Congratulations, Brandon! That’s an inspiration for everyone else to keep working!
And I’m glad The Jump Manual got you there. Learning that increasing your flexibility can increase your vertical jump is an important lesson to learn.

Next Time

In the next article, we’ll go over our next strategy: keeping things simple. 

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