don't be embarrassed by your vertical jump. work hard, eat right, recover well and you'll be jumping higher than everyone else

How To Stop Being Embarrassed By Your Vertical Jump

Number 3 in a Series

In the last installment of steps you can take to increase your vertical jump, we talked about the importance of dedicating yourself to working hard. That will help you not be embarrassed by your vertical jump.

Today I’m going to talk about how to take care of your body after you are finished with that awesome workout.

We’ll get to that in a minute, but first I want to ask if this has ever crossed your mind:

I sit on the bench while I watch my teammates jump out of the gym doing moves I can only dream of. I go to tryouts and know that I’m not even close to where I want to be. I feel like I’ve tried everything, but nothing seems to work.

Maybe those others around you have some athletic ability, but it’s also possible that they know something that you don’t.

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Are You Forgetting About What To Do Between Workouts?

Of course it is important to work out, and work hard. But if you forget to focus on what to do between workouts, then you are not getting the full benefit of your effort.

It is VITAL to consider how much your body needs to recover after a hard time in the gym.

Muscle Gain Happens Between Workouts

If you forget about the importance of what to do between sessions, then you are missing out on two important features of becoming a better athlete.

  • Following a good diet
  • Recovering well

This leads us to Strategy #3 in how to not be embarrassed by your vertical jump….

Strategy #3: Correct Recovery is More Important Than Workouts

Any successful athlete, whether it be basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, soccer, wrestling, etc. knows how to recover from a tough work out.

Without changing your diet and recovery, it will simply be impossible to keep the gains you have made in the weight room.

Here are some things to remember:

  • Eat right. Don’t put bad things in your body. Proper nutrition is the #1 way to give yourself the gains you want to see in your body.
  • Your training is only as effective as its weakest point. What’s that mean? It means that if you slack off on something, then that’s the only result you’ll see. Don’t slack off on the recovery portion, or your hard work goes to waste, and you won’t meet your full jumping potential.
relaxing between workouts is important to growing muscle and training your body to jump higher and not be embarrassed by your vertical jump

How To Stop Being Embarrassed By Your Vertical Jump?

There are a lot of good programs out there that will teach you everything to know about jumping high.

However, I have found only one program that teaches you how to not only increase your vertical, but to also how to eat right and recover correctly.

That program is called The Jump Manual. The Jump Manual is an all inclusive formula that will have you jumping higher than you ever imagined.

Here is a testimonial they received that I wanted to share:

The newest version of The Jump Manual is fantastic and I’m so happy you released it to the public.

I have started almost feeling like I’m hanging in the air when I jump. It’s a feeling I’ve never had before. Almost like my shoes had wings. LOL.

I know this program works, so I hope others try it out too.

Thank you!


Wow! It’s testimonials like that that made me a fan of the program, and why I wanted to bring it to your attention today.

Stop Being Embarrassed By Your Vertical

Eating right and resting between workouts are the boring part of getting better, but they are absolutely necessary.

In our next installment of how to increase your vertical jump, we are going to talk about he importance of learning from the pros.

Until then, check out The Jump Manual using the coupon below, and you’ll get free 1-on-1 training. If it’s not for you, no sweat, just cancel and get your money back.

Until next time!

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