basketball and increasing a vertical jump is much easier when you keep things simple

The Most Simple Vertical Jump Program

Number 6 in a Series

In this vertical jump series we’ve been going through, we have discussed just how easy it is to increase your vertical in ways you never thought possible, and how a simple vertical jump program can take you to the top of the list of competitors.

So far we’ve discussed:

  • Having Confidence
  • Working Harder and Smarter
  • Recovering Well
  • Learning From The Pros
  • How to Have Great Flexibility

When you look at the list above, it all looks so easy. But if it’s so easy, why are you having trouble increasing your vertical?

Well guess what. What I’m going to show you now is even easier. No elaborate equipment or expensive diets are involved.

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A Simple Vertical Jump Program Isn’t That Easy Though, Right?

It is. Think about it: Did NBA Hall-of-Famers have all of the fancy equipment and fad diets available today? No. They just went out and worked on their game.

The thing to remember is that the talented guys keep it simple. They get better the way you’re supposed to. With hard work, practice, and knowledge of the correct, scientific principles.

Correct principles are easy to understand and easy to implement. And you don’t have to be a physical therapist, personal trainer, or scientist to learn them. Others have done it for you.  

Which leads me to Strategy #6…

Strategy #6: Success Isn’t Complicated 

Success is straightforward. It’s not always easy to achieve, but the path is straightforward.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars. You don’t have to spend your bonus money (or your parents’ bonus money). You don’t need a weight room. You don’t need to buy a ton of vitamins. You don’t need fancy shoes. You don’t need a pool.

Those things feel good, and may help some, but they’re not necessary to dominate the rim.

So as you begin your vertical improvement journey, I’ve got 3 questions for you:

  • Why recreate the wheel when others have found the fastest and easiest way to success?
  • Why go broke on things that don’t work? That’s money wasted, and nobody’s got time for that.
  • Why look for something that is created just for hype, and is completely useless when there is a straightforward and inexpensive way to increase your vertical jump?
jumping basketball player with a high vertical jump kept things simple

So What Is The Most Simple Vertical Jump Program?

In my experience, the most simple vertical jump program is The Jump Manual.

No one I know of has completed The Jump Manual and asked for a refund.

That’s why we at the community can be so confident as to recommend The Jump Manual as the best vertical jump program for ANYONE, regardless of your size or athletic ability.

This program is guaranteed to add at least 10 inches to your vertical. Guaranteed (I know I said that twice…I wanted to make sure you go it.)

You will exponentially increase your speed, quickness, mental edge, and of course, jumping ability over your competition, whether that is an opponent, a teammate you are competing with for playing time, or an entire team you’re trying to make.

And it’s all for an extremely affordable price that won’t last forever.

Get it here now: The Jump Manual

Next Up…The Last Strategy of This Series

We’ll dive into the importance of finding a mentor. You won’t want to miss it.

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