the best basketball training equipment will help you with your basketball game, stamina, and vertical jump

What Is The Best Basketball Training Equipment To Use To Get Better Results In 2020

23 Great Training Aids You Can Use Now

Going to practice for a few hours a week isn’t enough to turn you into the basketball player that you want to be. You need to do the work at home or in the gym while away from your team. You’ll no doubt be looking for the best basketball training equipment, which will raise your game while everyone else is busy sitting in front of the tv.

But what training aids are of the best use? We have compiled the top 23 basketball training aids for 2020. These will advance your basketball game quickly.

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We have tried our best to sort the best basketball training equipment into categories, but some training aids help out in more than one area, so it may seem like some of these are in the wrong place.

If you want to skip to certain areas, simply click below:

  1. Oversized Basketball
  2. Shooting Straps
  3. Kick Out Rebound Attachment
  4. Solor Assist Basketball Rebounder
  5. Off-Hand Shooting Aid
  6. Dribble Stick
  7. Dribbling Gloves
  8. Dribble Goggles
  9. Ball Hog Gloves
  10. Tennis Balls
  11. Dummy Defender
  12. Speed Parachute
  13. Agility Ladders
  14. Resistance Bands
  15. The Jump Manual
  16. Vert Shock
  17. Jump Boxes
  18. Ankle Weights
  19. Jump Soles
  20. Leg Strength Resistance Bands
  21. Jump Ropes
  22. Weighted Vest
  23. Weighted Basketball

So, on to the best basketball training equipment you will find in 2020!

Best Basketball Training Equipment for Shooting

1. Oversized Basketball

An oversized basketball is typically about 3 inches larger in diameter than a regular basketball.

Using a bigger basketball to practice your shooting has two benefits:

  • Make your arms stronger, which helps your arms stay in good form throughout the shooting motion.
  • Increase ball control.
  • Learn how to be more exact with your shots, since a larger ball more easily bounces off the rim.

2. Shooting Straps

Shooting straps attach to your shooting hand to help you keep the right shooting form when you take a shot.

When you use shooting straps, you will train your hands and arms to stay in the perfect position. Other benefits include:

  • Your off-hand wrist will stay in place, won’t rotate, and will not interfere with the shot.
  • You will improve your release, and the ball will have a better rotation.
  • You can use it to practice layups, especially on your non-dominant hand.

Sometimes, you can be taught the perfect way to shoot, but you need something tangible to help, and shooting straps can do that.

3. Kick Out Rebound Attachment

One of the worst things about practicing your shooting is having to track down your shots. It takes a lot of time and energy, when you really just want to work on your shot.

The rebound attachment attaches to your hoop, so that whenever a shot is made, the ball will filter down and come right back to you.

This will save you a ton of time so that you can just work on your shot instead of going up to retrieve your basketball.

Good rebound attachments will last through all seasons.

4. Solo Assist Basketball Rebounder

The Solo Assist Basketball Rebounder is a way to give yourself a pass, then set up to shoot. You pass the ball, it bounces back to you and you shoot.

It trains a player to set his or her feet, square up, and shoot the ball off of a pass.

It can be used inside and outside. As always, make sure you put it away before rain or sprinklers get a hold of it. That should be simply because it is portable and folds flat for easy storage.

If you are looking for an easy way to practice your shot alone, then this is a good way to go.

5. Off-Hand Shooting Aid

The off-hand shooting aid is a pad you wear on your non-shooting hand, and it helps you correct your form with your shooting hand.

Since you can’t grab onto the ball with your off hand with this training tool on, you are forced to release the ball correctly while still getting at least a little support.

This pad is durable and comfortable. The elastic fits well enough that you will use this off-hand shooting aid for a long time to help your shot.

Best Basketball Training Equipment for Dribbling

6. SKLZ Dribble Stick

The Dribble Stick by SKLZ is a really cool way to work on your dribbling and agility.

It forces players to dribble hard on every dribble and to learn to control the force they create with every dribble. It helps them learn to become one with the ball.

It can also be used as a plyometric training device when players jump over the arms.

It has a heavy base which keeps it from tipping over, and it has a place to hold the ball.

It’s one of the best ball handling devices I’ve run across.

7. Dribbling Gloves

One of the keys of dribbling is using your fingertips to dribble the ball. You see it a lot with kids, but when people try to dribble with their palms they get into trouble.

That’s where dribbling glove come into play. These gloves have a big piece of rubber in the middle of the palm that forces the user to use his or her fingertips. If they try to use their palm, they won’t be able to bounce the ball.

Because of this, the user is forced to dribble with the fingertips.

These types of gloves are especially good for beginning basketball players who are using their palms too much when they dribble.

8. Basketball Dribbling Goggles

Ever watched a junior high or high school basketball game, and the point guard keeps getting the ball stolen because he’s looking at the ball more than the defenders and his teammates?

It’s frustrating,

That’s where basketball dribbling goggles come in handy. These goggles are designed with a piece of plastic at the bottom of the goggles that make it harder for the wearer to look down.

Everything below the stomach is blocked out. It forces the user to look up at the floor and trust their dribbling abilities.

There are a lot of different dribbling goggles out there, so you will want to find some that are durable, wont’ slide, and will actually make the player keep his or her head up.

9. Ball Hog Gloves

Ball hog gloves are some of the coolest pieces of basketball training aids you can find.

What makes them so great is that they reduce the friction between the ball and your hands, which forces you to learn to dribble and ball-handle better.

Without being able to rely on friction as much, you have to build a better ability to handle the ball simply by feel.

You can buy ball hog gloves one of two ways:

  • Weighted ball hog gloves – these not only help you handle the ball, but they also build the muscles in your hands and forearms.
  • Non-weighted ball hog gloves – these simply help you with your ball-handling

Weighted or non-weighted is up to you depending on what your basketball goals are.

10. Tennis Balls

Tennis balls for basketball? Sure. After all, haven’t you seen Steph Curry work on his ball handling by using tennis balls?

If it’s good enough for him, then surely it’s good enough for the rest of us, right?

11. Dummy Defender

Ever needed to practice your passing or shooting with a defender on you, but you were just by yourself? That’s where a dummy defender comes in handy.

A dummy defender is a great piece of defensive basketball training equipment because you can use it by yourself.

It is basically a 7 foot tall pretend defender that allows you to practice your shooting, passing, or dribbling around a defender. Anyone can do those things without being guarded, but it’s another thing to do those things with someone, or something, in your way.

Do you have trouble going up for layups or dunks with someone in your way? A dummy defender will help you make your moves to the basket.

The particular dummy defender below is lightweight, which is great for portability, but it can blow over if you are outside, so you might want to put something heavy, like sandbags on top of the feet.

Best Basketball Training Equipment for Speed

12. Speed Parachute

A speed parachute is something you attach to your body, and when you run, a parachute opens up, providing wind resistance as you run.

And as a bonus, the faster you run, the more resistance you get, which produces more results.

This will help with your sprinting ability as it builds your leg muscles, especially the fast twitch muscles needed for sprinting in sports like basketball and football.

I like speed parachutes because they can be used anywhere and are relatively inexpensive.

One parachute not giving you the results you need? Simply add a second one for extra resistance.

13. Agility Ladders

Agility ladders are great for every sport, but especially basketball. In fact, if you have ever had to try out for a basketball team, there is a good chance you had to go through one of these things. So they are some of the best basketball training equipment available to work on your speed.

You place a ladder on the ground and step through the spaces quickly through a variety of various drills.

Agility ladders help with:

  • Eye-foot coordination
  • Foot and leg quickness
  • Versatility

Don’t want to actually buy an agility ladder? Use a regular ladder to do the same thing. It just has less forgiveness, so be careful!

14. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands could really fit anywhere on these lists. They help out with every aspect of basketball. They make you stronger, faster, and more fit.

There are a lot of ways to use them, but a great way is to wrap the band around your waist and have a partner pull back while you try to move forward. This will give your legs a great work out.

Some things to look out for when purchasing resistance bands:

  • Find the right strength band. Some bands are stronger than others. You want good resistance, but not resistance that is impossible to go up against or provides no resistance at all.
  • Durability. These bands go through a lot. You don’t want them breaking or tearing. You don’t want to spend a ton of money on them, but you get what you pay for, so make sure you purchase bands that will last.
  • Versatility. Resistance bands are great because they can be used in multiple ways, so make sure your bands are able to do all of that.

Best Basketball Training Equipment for Your Vertical Jump

15. The Jump Manual

The Jump Manual is a proven online jump training that is based on science and produced by Jacob Hiller.

It is the culmination of over 15 years of scientific research into the most effective exercises, training sequences and techniques.

Thousands of athletes from all over the world have used it consistently to increase their vertical leap.

The goal of the Jump Manual is to teach you the exact protocol for developing a 40 inch vertical leap.

It’s a great program, and you can learn more about it here. And you can find a testimonial here.

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16. Vert Shock

The Vert Shock program is another exceptional program that focuses on the secrets to dunking a basketball.

Vert Shock is the only proven 3-step jump training program that can add at least 15 inches to your vertical jump in less than 8 weeks.

Adam Folker is the creator of Vert Shock, and he promises the ability to dunk in less than 8 weeks.

Both Vert Shock and the Jump Manual are great programs with tremendous results.

Vert Shock is a little less expensive than the Jump Manaul, which is why some people prefer it.

You can find out more about Vert Shock here.

17. Jump Boxes

Jump boxes, or plyometric boxes, are boxes that you jump up and down on. It’s that simple.

But by training your body to jump up and down off of these boxes, you will be building the muscles required to jump higher. And jumping is the name of the game in basketball.

When you buy a plyometric box, you will want to find a box that is sturdy and durable. It also helps to purchase multiple boxes of alternate heights and sizes. This will keep your legs fresh and keep them from leveling off during your workouts.

18. Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are another way to make your legs stronger and help you run faster and jump higher.

Weights are a big part of building all parts of you when you are wondering what is the best basketball training equipment.

You can wear them anywhere. You’ll be glad you did.

19. Jump Soles

Jump soles are really cool. They are basketball vertical jump training aids that attach to your own shoes during workouts. They will improve your leg strength and jumping ability.

Jump soles really hit the fast twitch muscles in the legs, especially the calf muscles, which will get you jumping much higher than you are used to.

What is interesting with a pair of jump soles is that you can use them on junior high players, and they will get ahead of their competition.

A good pair may cost a little bit, but they definitely work.

20. Leg Strength Resistance Bands

We already mentioned resistance bands elsewhere on this list, but I wanted to make a separate mention of these as they are specifically for your legs and vertical jump.

You attach a waistband to your waist, and you attach straps to your ankles. Connecting them are heavy duty resistance bands.

Then, when you practice jumping you will have some resistance.

You will want to make sure that the set of leg strength resistance bands you buy will fit you, especially if you are a bigger guy. But other than that, you can get a great workout and increase in your vertical jump with these.

Best Basketball Training Equipment for Stamina

21. Jump Ropes

Jump ropes are about as basic as it gets when you are looking for the best basketball training equipment. Jump ropes seem so simple, that it almost seems like they shouldn’t be included in this list.

But they should be included, because they are cheap, readily available, you can use them anywhere, you’ve used them since elementary school, and most importantly, they work!

Jump ropes work for the following reasons:

  • They improve your calf muscles
  • They improve your coordination
  • They work out your heart and lungs, helping you play and work out longer.

A bonus would be to use weighted jump ropes. Those can really help get you in shape.

22. Weighted Vest

Working out with a weighted vest is a great way to build up stamina and leg muscles. The vest is as simple as it sounds. You strap it on and start running.

Something to consider is what weight to start with. You don’t want to start with a weight that is too heavy or else you’ll never use it and feel like you wasted your money.

If you are not used to working out with a weighted vest, then it might be best to start light and work your way up. Some vests come with the ability to adjust how much weight you are wearing.

Also, make sure to buy a vest that will fit you. Most have adjustable straps, but something to keep in mind.

No matter what, a weighted vest will help get you in good basketball shape quickly.

Best Basketball Training Equipment for Passing

23. Weighted Basketball

Along the same lines of an oversized basketball, a weighted basketball is an alternate way to work on your basketball skills, but still have a ball in your hand.

Because of the weight, you can improve your dribbling and passing, because the weight will make you stronger.

However, weighted balls are not always best for shooting, as muscle memory is so important for shooting, and the weighted ball will keep you from shooting with your normal form.

Passing will get better as the strength of your arms and core will increase with the weighted ball.

The Best Basketball Training Equipment Will Make Your A Better Player

This list of the best basketball training equipment in 2020 will help you become a better basketball player.

However, that is not all that is required to dominate the floor. You have to be willing to put in the work.

Some of the best training aids aren’t props. Nothing builds stamina more than just running wind sprints. Nothing helps your shot more than just getting out and shooting.

When it comes to defense, there are no pieces of training equipment for defense that are any better than learning how to slide side to side quickly and properly. All you need for that are a couple of cones or anything else that you can slide between.

When it comes to rebounding, the best thing to do is learn how to box out. To do that, you need practice and strength. You can do those things without a prop.

So, if you combine hard work with the best basketball training equipment we’ve shown here, you can transform your game, earn more playing time, and dominate the court.