a vertical jump mentor and coach can help you on your way to jumping higher

How To Find A Vertical Jump Mentor

We’ve made it to Strategy #7! Great job. Your dedication shows you are well on your way to dominating on the court. Yesterday we talked about keeping it simple. Now, you’re about to find out what the #1 secret to dunking is, and you’ll learn how to find a vertical jump mentor.

Working One-on-One With An Experienced Trainer

Finding a mentor is an important step to growth in all walks of life. And getting mentored in basketball is the MOST important step to adding inches to your vertical leap. Not just inches, but making it to your personal best. 

A mentor will give you support as you work to improve, and a great mentor will make sure to point out when you are headed down the wrong path.

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Why Not Just Find Jumping Tips Online?

Yes, you can find good jumping tips online. However, what you’ll get are bits and pieces of the whole picture. But what happens if you run into questions? What if you don’t know the exact way to do an exercise? What if you think you know, but you’re wrong, and you’re hurting yourself?

And what about accountability? Who is going to be there pushing you when you don’t feel like working out? Because we all have those days.

You may think that having a personal trainer or mentor is something extra that you don’t need. Maybe you think it costs too much.

Think again. Getting suggestions from someone who knows what they’re talking about in invaluable. They can watch, take video, and see things that you can’t see. 

If NBA players have shooting coaches, and MLB players have hitting and pitching coaches, doesn’t it make sense to have a jump coach?

You can figure it out on your own, but it’ll be WAY easier if you have a guide.

Which leads me to Strategy #7…

Strategy #7: Find a Mentor

A mentor means different things. In this case, it means a personal trainer who has the experience and expertise to guide you towards your vertical jump goals.

When you can find someone who works with you individually, you’ll know the path you’re taking is the right one.

And you can get your questions answered immediately. 

Even more, think about this:

When you start a program, you’ll inevitably have some questions. Maybe it’s about the exercises. Maybe it’s about nutrition. Having someone to talk to is a tremendous help.

Successful people ALWAYS can name people that helped them along the way. If you need that, then look for a mentor.

Not anyone can be a good mentor. It takes someone who has a great combination of knowledge, wisdom, patience, and encouragement.

back of a woman with a black personal trainer shirt on

How To Find A Vertical Jump Mentor That Is Good?

The best mentors are people that are there for you all the time. That’s why the Internet can be such an advantage.

I’m a big fan of The Jump Manual. One of the reasons is that they offer 1-on-1 coaching that includes the accountability that you need to stay on task, improve your vertical, and improve your game.

You Can See That Having A Free Vertical Jump Personal Trainer Is A No-Brainer

The Jump Manual is so valuable because it is the only vertical jump program to offer personal coaching FREE for one month. You get to try it out to see if you like it.

If you don’t, then you get to cancel.

You will work with a mentor and personal trainer who has trained a ton of athletes all over the world and helped them reach their vertical goals.

You’ll get that same teacher at your fingertips.

Wtih The Jump Manual you will soon be one of those elite jumpers and athletes that everyone else marvels at. You’ll get more playing time and more success on the court. Guaranteed.

Why? Because you’ll be trained and mentored by Jacob Hiller, one of the best in the business.

To find out more about Jacob and all he brings to the table, check out The Jump Manual’s website.

Don’t wait another minute. Start now!

Thank you for reading through our Vertical Jump Series. Here’s to your continued success!

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